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🔥Legendary Leg Exercise👇
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👉Your self-discipline or lack there of will largely be a figuring out issue of whether or not you attain your targets or not. Individuals place approach an excessive amount of weight into ‘being motivated’ and approach too little into ‘being disciplined’. Let’s face the info: you’re merely not going to be motivated 100% of the time, 24/7, 365. Understanding that elementary fact will unlock a world of chance for you🔥

✖️Leg Extensions (three sec destructive)
four x 10-15
✖️Shut/Low Leg Press
four x 20,15,10,8
✖️Single Leg Press
four x 10-15 every leg
✖️Kettlebell Lunges + Field Jumps
three x 20 lunges / Eight jumps
✖️Mendacity Leg Curl + Pulse Lunges
three x 10-15 every
✖️Standing Leg Curl
three x 15
✖️Standing Smith Calf Increase
5 x 8-10
✖️Seated Calf Increase
four x 15 explosive

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